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  1. epub | 27.74 MB English |9781458483461 | Hal Leonard Corp. | 2011 | Hal Leonard | Page: 480 Book Description : (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook). Based on the cable channel's popular countdown, this outstanding collection features nearly 100 tunes from the artists deemed the "all time greatest," including The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, The Police, Stevie Wonder, and dozens more! Songs include: All Day and All of the Night * Bang a Gong (Get It On) * Born to Run * Come As You Are * Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover * Foxey Lady * Heart of Gold * I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For * Imagine * Isn't She Lovely * Just the Way You Are * Lay, Lady, Lay * Losing My Religion * Midnight Train to Georgia * Moondance * (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman * The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down * Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel) * Pinball Wizard * (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction * Sweet Emotion * Three Little Birds * Touch of Grey * You Can't Hurry Love * Young Americans * and many more! lc-hal leonard vh1 100 greatest artists of all time songbook 2011 : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/C241BDE714C9E26/mlldj.VH1.100.Greatest.Artists.Of.All.Time.Songbook.2011.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/1532d016d3fc4126309bd76ccd4b6dde/mlldj.VH1.100.Greatest.Artists.Of.All.Time.Songbook.2011.epub
  2. VEGAN RECIPES for Beginners

    epub, azw3 | 9.18 MB English | Matt Hudson | 2019 | Rockridge Press Book Description : Free from animal products, full of flavor-plant based recipes for beginners Choosing a plant based diet is good for your health, your wallet, and the environment. The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners has dozens of tasty whole-food recipes for people who want to switch from eating meat, dairy, and eggs, to eating vegetables, whole grains, and other plant based foods. Whether your doctor encouraged you to eat a plant based diet or you're exploring a new way of eating, this cookbook has everything you need to get started. You'll find nutritional information for each recipe, a guide to eating a plant based diet even when you don't want to cook, tips for stocking your kitchen, and more. When it comes to your health and your taste buds, now you're cooking! This plant based diet book includes: 75 whole-food recipes-Try a variety of scrumptious dishes that are free from sugar, oil, and salt, like Hawaiian Luau Burgers, Easy Enchilada Bake, and Peanut Butter Nice Cream. Plant based benefits-Learn the perks of eating a plant based diet, including how it helps your health, the planet, and animal welfare. Beginner's resources-Discover plenty of helpful info for newbies-from a guide to cooking basics like grains and beans, to convenient shopping lists, a sample menu, and more. Take your health and well-being into your own hands with the power of a plant based diet-this guide and cookbook will show you how. Category : | Vegan Cooking, Vegetable Cooking, Vegetable Cooking VeganRecipesForBeginnersbyMattHudso : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/D07A65CC4C3FCBB/x8dgx.81r4js43g8mm.azw3 http://nitroflare.com/view/557C36895AA1623/x8dgx.ijq519sd962v.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/1b9c0e66cd0066d2183b4d94f8043637/x8dgx.81r4js43g8mm.azw3 https://rapidgator.net/file/666f396042344b86c331524be01ff4e0/x8dgx.ijq519sd962v.epub
  3. epub, azw3 | 9.18 MB English |Autor : Matt Hudson | 2019 Book Description : Do you want to Lower Blood Pressure? Do you want to Stop Hypertension, Prevent Osteoporosis and Hearth Diseases? Are you ready to Effectively Lose Weight and Feel Great? If yes then keep reading... Following the Dash Diet helps in lowering blood pressure levels by just a few weeks of adhering to a low sodium diet. Becoming consistent in this diet could help you drop 8-14 points in blood pressure. Now that spells a significant improvement... The Dash Diet is all about eating food that benefits the body in so many ways; besides the fact that it could lower blood pressure, it's also effective in preventing heart diseases, lifestyle diabetes, and cancer among others and encourages the reduction of sodium. Dash Diet Cookbook gives emphasis on eating a wide variety of food, the importance of Portion Size and on receiving the right amount of Balanced Nutrients as well as Recipes and Meal Plans. This book is your key to dealing with your Health, your Meals and your Diet, if you are looking for a way to lose weight once and for all and to be healthier, Dash Diet Cookbook: A Complete Dash Diet Program With 30 Days Meal Plan And 50+ Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss And Lowering Blood Pressure is the book you are looking for. In this guide you are going to uncover: • What Dash Diet is and how it works; • Vital informations regarding grocery buying; • An effective and simple 30 Day Dash Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan; • 10+ Recipes for Breakfast; • 12 Recipes for Lunch; • 14+ Recipes for Dinner; • 12 Dessert and Snack Recipes; • Portion sizes; • Important Nutritional informations for every single recipe; • Sodium informations for every single recipe; • Effective tips regarding Proteins, Vegetables, Dairy, Grains and Basic Caloric Need; • And much more.. Plus you will receive 1 Bonus Chapter about Meal Prep and what to do and what not to do to Effectively Lose Weight. Arm yourself with ample knowledge and grab your copy of Dash Diet Cookbook: A Complete Dash Diet Program With 30 Days Meal Plan And 50+ Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss And Lowering Blood Pressure today to finally take control over your life. Would You Like To Know More? Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button'. All the best David R. Burton Category : | Medical Medical Atlases, Radiology & Imaging, Nursing Issues, Trends & Roles | Nitroflare | Ddownload |Uploaded DropApk DropApk DDownload DDownload VeganRecipesForBeginnersbyMattHudso : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/4B94DB0F0E948FA/wrnap.298el9fo7ni6.epub http://nitroflare.com/view/651DAFD8FA95F0C/wrnap.x27k3gdq4k80.azw3 https://rapidgator.net/file/8a99a7b3f56ac49c40b725268866bf43/wrnap.298el9fo7ni6.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/62793b5dd1b9e86a2c377b44302fb3a3/wrnap.x27k3gdq4k80.azw3
  4. epub | 143.36 KB English | Armstrong, D | 2020 | D Armstrong Book Description : Learning VBScript lets you: - automate tasks on Windo - work on Classic ASP websites - master other programming languages faster (e.g. VBA, VB.Net, VB) This book will show you: - how to get started with VBScript - some practical uses of scripting - how to keep scripts readable, reliable, and efficient It will save you: - time & typing This book is based around a series of example scripts. Each script introduces new parts of the language and ways to use it. This is followed by an explanation, to say how the script works, what's new, and why it matters. Problem-solving exercises are included, so you can practise as you learn, and the answers are provided on the page after. The book starts with the basics and builds up to more advanced topics step-by-step. Each new topic is covered in a concise, focused way. Try it out. Category : | Windo Administration, Windo Administration, Microsoft OS Guides VBScript - The quick start course in Windo Automation, 2020 edition : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/1B05F0785D2DB1A/h7rze.VBScript..The.quick.start.course.in.Windows.Automation.edition.2020.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/82dc36b49a0d22bbf65b2180786344e0/h7rze.VBScript..The.quick.start.course.in.Windows.Automation.edition.2020.epub
  5. User's Guide to Make Believe

    epub | 546.79 KB English | Jane Alexander | 2020 | Allison & Busby | Page: 300 Book Description : 'Terrifying...You may rethink your phone settings after reading' Christina Dalcher, author of VOX You create the fantasy. They control your mind. Cassie McAllister worked at Imagen, the tech giant behind the cutting-edge virtual reality experience Make-Believe™, and she got to know the product far too well. Now Cassie has been blocked from Make-Believe and legally gagged by the company. With Imagen holding all the cards and personal and public freedoms at stake, how far will she go to expose their deception? 'A User's Guide to Make-Believe compels you to enter its world and refuses to let you out. Read it, read it now!' Helen Sedgwick, author of The Comet Seekers What is Make-Believe™? Whatever you want it to be. Ever wanted to fly? Live out your ultimate fantasies? Tell your boss what you think of them? The only limit is you. Cassie McAllister had the perfect job - bringing Make-Believe... User's Guide to Make-Believe : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/942F7E262486944/yoxbj.Users.Guide.to.MakeBelieve.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/2a98f948450c09430335ce5c711c0b48/yoxbj.Users.Guide.to.MakeBelieve.epub
  6. Usama ibn Munqidh - The Book of Contemplation Islam and the Crusades epub | 2.31 MB English | Author :Usama ibn Munqidh | 2008 | Penguin Group USA, Inc. Book Description : The Crusades as seen through the eyes of Muslims A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION to the understanding of the medieval holy wars between Christians and Muslims, this volume brings together the best and most complete eyewitness account of the Crusades from the perspective of a medieval Muslim writer. Focusing on twelfth-century Arab aristocrat Usama ibn Munqidh's Book of Contemplation but also including extracts from The Book of the Staff and Kernels of Refinement, this volume offers a strikingly human portrayal of I slamic perspectives on day-to-day existence, warfare, and the curious European invaders. Category : | Hadith, Armenia Travel Guides, Islamic History Usama ibn Munqidh - The Book of Contemplation Islam and the Crusades : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/96D83E5DE13AE3B/ekoow.Usama.ibn.Munqidh..The.Book.of.Contemplation.Islam.and.the.Crusades.Penguin.C.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/75c9c289189ea20e561af8f0ef956cbf/ekoow.Usama.ibn.Munqidh..The.Book.of.Contemplation.Islam.and.the.Crusades.Penguin.C.epub
  7. pdf | 24.07 MB Joseph D. Olander & Martin H. Greenberg (Eds) | 1979 | Taplinger; First Edition edition | Page: 260 Book Description : Ursula K Le Guin (1979) (Writers of the 21st Century Series) by Joseph D Olander & Martin Harry Greenberg (Eds) : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/ABFFD9F7DCAA531/ivjxc.Ursula.K.Le.Guin..Writers.of.the.21st.Century.Series.pdf https://rapidgator.net/file/e1259385b79451cc31c07c872010cae8/ivjxc.Ursula.K.Le.Guin..Writers.of.the.21st.Century.Series.pdf
  8. epub | 54.24 MB English | Carolyn Dunster | 2017 | Frances Lincoln | Page: 192 Book Description : Creating colour and interest in a small urban garden by growing a range of flowers and other decorative plants brings with it many rewards. Carolyn Dunster sho you what to grow and how to use your own blooms, leaves and berries in a range of indoor displays and hand-tied bouquets. Locally-grown flowers in season is a significant and welcome trend in floristry, and just as eating a tasteless strawberry in December pricks our consciences, so too does purchasing a bouquet of tulips in September, however stunning they may be to look at. The most local, seasonal flowers, which are the most satisfying to give and to display, are the ones you have grown yourself. Carolyn Dunster sho you how to do this in the smallest of spaces. Urban Flowers - Creating abundance in a small city garden : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/46FFFE8B52EDDAF/2xgtg.Urban.Flowers..Creating.abundance.in.a.small.city.garden.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/ade2bd19cf31010e2dc6bf62903541d7/2xgtg.Urban.Flowers..Creating.abundance.in.a.small.city.garden.epub
  9. epub | 11.82 MB English | Maaike Koster | 2017 | MBI Book Description : Have trouble keeping house plants alive? Struggling to find your green fingers? Fear not! You can still have a beautiful plant-filled home with this stunning guide to indoor plants. Whether you are looking to cultivate an entire indoor garden, or simply wish to know more about your single cactus, you can be sure to find the right information for you amongst the seventy-five plants in this stylish guide . And the best bit? All the plants are easy to maintain so even the most timid of gardeners can enjoy turning their hand to this green-fingered pastime. Learn how to care for succulents, cacti, flowering and foliage plants even with a full-time job, with this unique gardening guide that is made to fit alongside our modern-day schedules. With endless inspiration to brighten up your home,desk or office, this beautiful book of plants from across the world is a must for lovers of art and design, as well as plants. Category : | Gardening & Horticulture Vegetables, Plant & Animal Art, Gardening & Horticulture House Plants Urban Botanics - An Indoor Plant Guide for Modern Gardeners : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/5CC3EAE4EA581A5/z05x3.Urban.Botanics..An.Indoor.Plant.Guide.for.Modern.Gardeners.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/7df5c81e00c6a26008418bb7d0e0fdd9/z05x3.Urban.Botanics..An.Indoor.Plant.Guide.for.Modern.Gardeners.epub
  10. epub | 78.63 MB English | National Association of City Transportation Officials | 2014 | Island Press Book Description : The NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide, Second Edition, is based on the experience of the best cycling cities in the world. Completely re-designed with an accessible, four-color layout, this second edition continues to build upon the fast-changing state of the practice at the local level. The designs in this book were developed by cities for cities, since unique urban streets require innovative solutions. To create the Guide, the authors conducted an extensive worldwide literature search from design guidelines and real-life experience. They worked closely with a panel of urban bikeway planning professionals from NACTO member cities and from numerous other cities worldwide, as well as traffic engineers, planners, and academics with deep experience in urban bikeway applications. The Guide offers substantive guidance for cities seeking to improve bicycle transportation in places where competing demands for the use of the right-of-way present unique... Category : | Urban & Land Use Planning, Mass Transit, Mass Transit Urban Bikeway Design Guide, Second Edition : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/343C38173D8EE05/tc9ty.Urban.Bikeway.Design.Guide.Second.Edition.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/f373723cc5a7d6b9034aae36a7934916/tc9ty.Urban.Bikeway.Design.Guide.Second.Edition.epub
  11. epub | 6.11 MB English |Autor : Lisa Napoli | 2020 | Abrams Book Description : The wild inside story of the birth of CNN and dawn of the age of 24-hour ne How did we get from an age of dignified nightly ne broadcasts on three national networks to the age of 24-hour channels and constantly breaking ne? The answer-thanks to Ted Turner and an oddball cast of cable television visionaries, big league rejects, and nonunion newbies-can be found in the basement of an abandoned country club in Atlanta. Because it was there, in the summer of 1980, that this motley crew somehow, against all odds, launched CNN. Lisa Napoli's Up All Night is an entertaining inside look at the founding of the upstart network that set out to change the way ne was delivered and consumed. Mixing media history, a business adventure story, and great characters, Up All Night tells the story of a network that succeeded beyond even the wildest imaginings of its charismatic and uncontrollable founder, and paved the way for the world we... Category : | Journalism Writing Reference, Television History & Criticism, Media & Communications Industry | Nitroflare | Ddownload |Uploaded Up All Night Ted Turner, CNN, and the Birth of 24-Hour Ne by Lisa Napoli : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/5C755E0E1BE4505/ubr5m.Up.All.Night.Ted.Turner.CNN.and.the.Birth.of.24Hour.News.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/cefd2032222fbdc19656a9a4ef6ef956/ubr5m.Up.All.Night.Ted.Turner.CNN.and.the.Birth.of.24Hour.News.epub
  12. epub, mobi | 15.85 MB English |9780307719324 | Meredith Baxter | 2011 | Crown Publishing Group Book Description : Meredith Baxter is a beloved and iconic television actress, most well-known for her enormously popular role as hippie mom, Elyse Keaton, on Family Ties. Her warmth, humor, and brilliant smile made her one of the most popular women on television, with millions of viewers following her on the small screen each week. Yet her success masked a tumultuous personal story and a harrowing private life. For the first time, Baxter is ready to share her incredible highs, (working with Robert Redford, Doris Day, Lana Turner, and the cast of Family Ties), and lo (a thorny relationship with her mother, a difficult marriage to David Birney, a bout with breast cancer), finally revealing the woman behind the image. From her childhood in Hollywood, growing up the daughter of actress and co-creator of One Day at a Time Whitney Blake, Baxter became familiar with the ups and downs of show business from an early age. After wholeheartedly embracing the 60s counterculture lifestyle, she was forced to rely on her acting skills after her first divorce left her a 22-year-old single mother of two. Baxter began her professional career with supporting roles in the critically panned horror film Ben, and in the political thriller All the President's Men. More lucrative work soon followed on the small screen. Baxter starred with actor David Birney as the title characters in controversial sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie. While the series only lasted a year, her high-profile romance with Birney lasted 15 volatile and unhappy years. Hiding the worst of her situation from even those closest to her, Baxter's career flourished as her self-esteem and family crumbled. Her successful run as Nancy on Family was followed by her enormously popular role on Family Ties, and dozens of well-received television movies. After a bitter divorce and custody battle with Birney, Baxter increasingly relied on alcohol as a refuge, and here speaks candidly of her decision to take her last drink in 1990. And while another ruinous divorce to screenwriter Michael Blodgett taxed Baxter's strength and confidence, she has emerged from her experiences with the renewed self-assurance, poise, and understanding that have enabled her to find a loving, respectful relationship with Nancy Locke, and to speak about it openly. Told with insight, wit, and disarming frankness, Untied is the eye-opening and inspiring life of an actress, a woman, and a mother who has come into her own. Category : | Biographies of Actors & Actresses, Biographies of Comedians, Television 0307719308 : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/CFA068609E6EE03/u5odi.9000xokm3a4n.mobi http://nitroflare.com/view/B3AFB42753E81EB/u5odi.xz3v9n3e084s.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/b060f0f2243ffa0fa11e19bac36d5f1d/u5odi.9000xokm3a4n.mobi https://rapidgator.net/file/0edc2cbf6801f419be09ddcf92bd1314/u5odi.xz3v9n3e084s.epub
  13. Untethered A Memoir

    epub | 723.38 KB English |978-0578526591 | Julia Dreyer Brigden | 2019 | Julia Dreyer Brigden | Page: 242 Book Description : Born on the South African veldt to a San Francisco socialite and a dashing Afrikaner, Julia "Girl" Dreyer Brigden has lived many lives. Crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth and traversing the United States in a 1953 Lincoln Continental, the family washes up on the shores of the Pacific as the cultural revolution is about to begin. Leaving home at 16 to hitchhike unaccompanied to Mexico and landing in Ajijic, Julia settles in with a cast of bohemian characters for the first of what will become many adventures... From the Golden Gate Park Human Be-In to gem trading in Jaipur, India, from flying high with the Jefferson Airplane to crashing and burning on the streets of San Francisco, Julia's story is a roller-coaster ride through the ups and downs of living an "untethered" life. Untethered-HayleyKatzen : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/9F496DD162B090E/lxt6o.Untethered..A.Memoir.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/76973cfe8e4cf93673c928b98adeb137/lxt6o.Untethered..A.Memoir.epub
  14. Untamed Shore

    epub | 354.37 KB English | silvia | 2020 | Agora Books | Page: 339 Book Description : Renowned author Silvia Moreno-Garcia's first thriller, UNTAMED SHORE, is a coming-of-age story set in Mexico which quickly turns dark when a young woman meets three enigmatic tourists. Baja California, 1979. Viridiana spends her days watching the dead sharks piled beside the seashore, as the fishermen pull their nets. There is nothing else to do, nothing else to watch, under the harsh sun. She's bored. Terribly bored. Yet her head is filled with dreams of Hollywood films, of romance, of a future beyond the drab town where her only option is to marry and have children. Three wealthy American tourists arrive for the summer, and Viridiana is magnetized. She immediately becomes entwined in the glamorous foreigners' lives. They offer excitement, and perhaps an escape from the promise of a humdrum future. When one of them dies, Viridiana lies to protect her friends. Soon enough, someone's asking questions, and Viridiana has some of her own about the identity of her new acquaintances. Sharks may be dangerous, but there are worse predators nearby, ready to devour a naïve young woman who is quickly being tangled in a web of deceit. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is one of the most exciting voices in fiction, and with her first crime novel, UNTAMED SHORE, she crafts a blazing novel of suspense with an eerie seaside setting and a literary edge that proves her a master of the genre. Untamed Shore by Silvia Moreno-Garcia : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/4E4D356E80776EA/hzk22.Untamed.Shore.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/16fd8ea582575e69d186d024935765a3/hzk22.Untamed.Shore.epub
  15. epub | 380.75 KB English | Jessamyn Kingley | 2020 Book Description : Chieftain Kalthekor Valzadari is an elf with many regrets. Once a man concerned only with what would bring glory to his tribe at the expense of people he should've protected, everything changes when his son is born. Trapped in a loveless matebond, Kalthekor wants to leave his old life behind, but he is bound for eternity. Still, he can't help but wish for freedom and a relationship as rich in joy as those around him. Although Aristos Centaurus is brother to the leader of the Centaurs, he is unable to forgive or forget that he once spent centuries committing inexcusable acts of war. With so much blood on his hands, he cannot ignore that he should have been sentenced to death. Aris might help the centaurs now, but he keeps his distance, knowing better than to befriend any of his brethren. He doesn't deserve happiness or love, but he yearns for it nonetheless. A misunderstanding sends Aris from the isolation of his brother's house to Council Headquarters, where he finds himself staring into Kalthekor's blue eyes. After an instant connection, both are ready to have a partner, and believe they can find what they need in each other. As the pair build a life and a home together, Kalthekor and Aristos realize that although they have created a wonderful foundation based on friendship and love, if they are to move forward as a family, they must find a way to face and reconcile their pasts. Only fate kno if it will tear them apart or if a blissful future awaits them. Category : | LGBT Romance, Gay Romance, LGBT Fantasy Unpredictable Fate (D'Vaire, Bo - Jessamyn Kingley : DOWNLOAD http://nitroflare.com/view/E8DB3F97238F54E/fegiy.Unpredictable.Fate.DVaire.Bo..Jessamyn.Kingley.epub https://rapidgator.net/file/701b22ad09527115b2d082bf235a0cc4/fegiy.Unpredictable.Fate.DVaire.Bo..Jessamyn.Kingley.epub