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  1. Odmori se, Zaslužio Si (2006–2010) (Sve Ovde)

    Reupload Završen!
  2. Odmori se, Zaslužio Si (2006–2010) (Sve Ovde)

    Evo započinjem s Reuploadom!
  3. The Nut Job (2014)

    The Nut Job (2014) Vjeverica Surly (Rene Bitorajac) izbačena je iz svog parka i prisiljena živjeti u velegradu u kojem se nikako ne snalazi. Na sreću, jednoga dana Surly naiđe na toplu i dobro opskrbljenu prodavaonicu orašastih plodova u kojoj pronađe rješenje za sve svoje probleme. Kada dođe hladna i nemilosrdna zima, upravo će Surly i njegov novi dom pomoći starom društvu da prežive najnemilosrdnije godišnje doba. Rip Info: zanr..............: animirani velicina..........: 700 MB video.............: MPEG-4@~ 1060 Kbps audio.............: MP3@~448 Kbps reza..............: 704 x 416 @ 25.000 fps trajanje..........: 1h 22mn format............: avi jezik.............: hrvatski titlovi...........: ne http://www.uploadable.ch/file/32hBqTpHd3QZ/The.Nut.Job.2014.HRsink.DVDRip.XviD-RAKiJA.avi Uploaded By Undertaker! Uživajte...
  4. Aidfile Recovery Software Professional | 5 Mb Aidfile Recovery Software is a powerful data recovery tool for recovering files from deleted / formatted / repartition / missing drives / partition table damaged etc. It supports EXFAT / FAT32 / NTFS file systems. Aidfile data recovery can recover the data while there is an error happens to your software, for example: partition error writing, unintentional formatting, accidentally deletion, false backup, MBR losing, bad sector of BOOT, virus attack, Hackers Attack, conversion error, partition logic error, logical bad sectors of hard drives, partition table lost, ect. The success rate is exclusively high. Aidfile Recovery Software Keyfeature • File recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows. • Get back files after a partitioning error or hard disk crash. • Recover lost deleted partitions. • Recover deleted or lost files emptied from the Recycle Bin. • Recover formatted lost MS office word excel document, photo, image, video, music, email, etc. • Recover from hard drive, USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, Zip, floppy disk or other storage media. • Support EXFAT, FAT32, NTFS file systems. • High quality of file recovery. Home: www.aidfile.com Download: https://www.oboom.com/6HQV8DEU http://ul.to/lod4y1zz
  5. Kindle DRM Removal

    Kindle DRM Removal v5.2.908.264 | 7 Mb Kindle DRM Removal quickly and easily remove Kindle ebook DRM protection with 1-click. it produce a new AZW file that user can convert to EPUB/PDF/TXT/RTF format ebook using Calibre, read them on iPad, NOOK, Sony Reader or other device without limitation, user also can print converted Kindle ebook. It is very easy to use, just 1-click to decrypt Kindle ebook. If you want to read Kindle ebook in Sony e-reader that bought from amazon.com, you will feel pain that Kindle ebook has DRM protection prevent you to do that, then you have probably discovered how annoyingly restrictive DRM technology is. You can try our software that removes Kindle DRM easily, convert it to other format that you can enjoy on practically any capable e-reader device. Home: http://www.ebook-converter.com/kindle-drm-removal.htm Download: http://ul.to/f68mdcbc
  6. Caricature Software Photo to Cartoon

    Caricature Software Photo to Cartoon 7.0.5281.36901 | 7.5 Mb Photo to Cartoon converts photographs into cartoons with a few clicks. No drawing required! Use the result cartoons as avatars, to sign emails and letters, make greeting cards and party announcements or create a unique art gift. A caricature makes an original and amusing present that even that person who has everything would be happy to get. Photo to Cartoon is an ideal tool to make custom coloring books from photographs. System Requirements: - Windows 8 or Windows 7 (all editions except for Windows Starter edition) - Also, the software will work for Windows XP and Starter edition if Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (or later) is installed. Home: http://www.caricaturesoft.com/ Download: https://www.oboom.com/OV0CF5MZ/Photo.to.Cartoon.1914.rar http://ul.to/g2kmpo9r/Photo.to.Cartoon.1914.rar
  7. AnyLogic Professional

    AnyLogic Professional 7.0.2 | 537 Mb AnyLogic 7, the newest version of the most definitive simulation and modeling software available has been released. Features include enhanced support for multimethod modeling, decreased need for coding, renewed libraries, and other usability improvements. Definitive Multimethod Modeling Environment • Entities, resources, and agents are all now the same object. • Entities can have individual behavior, separate from process-driven. • Agents can dive into and jump out of the process flowcharts with no coding required. • System dynamics can be freely used inside and outside entities and agents. Unified Space and Space Markup Elements • Consolidated 3D space for all kinds of objects: agents, entities, resource units, pedestrians, rail cars, etc. • People, vehicles, pallets, buildings, trains, equipment can interact in the same 3D space. • Easily define walls, areas, paths, nodes, etc. with our new set of space markup elements. • Specific markup shapes are available for conveyors, warehouse storages, rail tracks and switches. • The new network routing techniques allow for efficient modeling of very large structures, such as distribution centers where every shelf is modeled. New Library for Process Modeling • Graphically define parameters, internal variables, animation, and statistics of entities. • Resources can have their own sub-process to prepare for a service and wrap-up afterwards. • An entity can request several alternative resource sets or ask for a particular resource unit. • Supports task priorities, interruptions, preemption, failures, breaks, and shifts. • In addition to traditional "push" entity flow, "pull" flows are also supported, which is particularly useful in manufacturing applications. Vastly Improved Pedestrian Library • Scale pedestrian models into tens of thousands or higher without impacting model performance with the new high-speed engine. • Locate pedestrian spaces with ease, using specific markup elements such as walls, obstacles, service points, turnstiles, queue lines, waiting areas, escalators, stairs, and pathways. • Develop pedestrian models in a point and click manner with minimal coding. Enhanced Support for Agent Based Modeling • Agents, agent populations, inter-agent links and networks are created with the help of wizards and graphical elements, requiring minimal coding. • The Agent Population wizard is designed to help you determine agents' settings in just a few clicks. • Inter-agent links are now defined and visualized using graphical objects. General Usability Improvements • Choose probability distributions easily using a specially designed wizard. • Flowchart blocks automatically connect as you add them, greatly reducing design time. • Drop-down lists are available where typing had previously been required, an option to write expressions remains • Enjoy an updated, more spacious, graphical editor window. New Large Collection of Customizable 3D Objects AnyLogic 7 comes with an extensive collection of ready-to-use 3D objects. More than 250 new items have been added, including buildings, road, rail, maritime transport, energy, warehouse, hospital equipment, airport-related items, supermarket-related items, cranes, and other useful objects. You can also customize the colors of the 3D objects. Home: http://www.anylogic.com/ Download: https://www.oboom.com/TQ0QG81O http://ul.to/pfqiiso5
  8. WinLock Professional

    WinLock Professional v6.09 | 7 Mb WinLock Professional is a powerful security solution that lets you restrict access to various computer resources. It offers all features of WinLock, plus several advanced features of interest to the power users and computer administrators: Apply different restrictions separately to each user account. Now you can create different protection schemes for each user account in a multiple-user environment. For each user, WinLock will activate only the selected restrictions. Moreover, it is possible to suspend all forms of WinLock protection for the specified user. Internet-related restrictions. WinLock Professional provides you with a group of selected Internet Explorer policies and enhanced content filtration suited to control and protect Internet access. Parental control and website content filtration. The Professional edition not only checks the address of the site, but also scans the entire page, including the hidden meta-tags for any prohibited words. For example, if you define "sex" as a keyword, any website contains this word will be prohibited. This makes possible to prohibit access to questionable websites - notably for public-access computers in schools and libraries. Alternatively, you can limit access to only the websites that you specify. In that case, your kids will only be able to access these sites, and all others will be off-limits. Onscreen countdown timer. Displays the remaining time on digital clock display. Built-in file encryption. You are likely to have confidential documents on your computer, which you may want to encrypt. LockBox Wizard will help you to protect any information. It uses a very strong Blowfish crypto-algorithm. Protected files cannot be decrypted without the correct password. Home: http://www.crystaloffice.com/winlockpro/ Download: http://ul.to/9unzl86t
  9. Windows Firewall Control

    Windows Firewall Control | 923 kiB Windows Firewall Control is a nifty little application which extends the functionality of the Windows Firewall and provides quick access to the most frequent options of Windows Firewall. It runs in the system tray and allows user to control the native firewall easily without having to waste time by navigating to the specific part of the firewall. This is the best tool to manage the native firewall from Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Program Features √ Just one small executable file. All features are packed in the same file. √ Intuitive and easy accessible interface in the system tray. √ Full support with standard user accounts. √ Possibility to create temporary rules. √ Disable the ability of other programs to add Windows Firewall rules. √ Multiple and easier ways of creating new rules in Windows Firewall. √ Full support of creating, modifying and deleting Window Firewall rules. √ Lock feature which can disable the access to the settings of the program. √ Shell integration into the right click context menu of the executable files. √ Search for invalid rules with the possibility to delete them. √ Search for executable files through folders and create new rules in seconds. √ View recently blocked connections and create new rules from the log. √ Choose if you want the program to start at user logon. √ Import and export the settings of the program. √ Protection to unauthorized uninstallation. √ Possibility to restore previous settings at uninstallation. √ And many more. Just try it out. What's new in version (01.07.2014) - New: Added support to define custom URLs for checking purposes. Check the Options tab from Main Panel for the new options. - Fixed: Pressing the Enter key in Rules Manager changes the selection to the next row and opens for editing the next rule instead of the current selected one. - Fixed: The validations for local ports and remote ports that contain IPHTTPS, Teredo, RPC and RPC-EPMap don't work properly in Properties dialog of a rule. This allows invalid input and no change occurs when the Apply button is used. - Fixed: Can not duplicate or modify an existing rule if the local port or the remote port is set to IPHTTPS. - Fixed: The status of toggle buttons (Allow, Block, Enable, Disable) is not updated until the user changes the selection in the Manage Rules data grid. - Fixed: The Properties dialog opens if the user wants to export a full or a partial policy and then he confirms the action with the Enter key. - Fixed: IPv4 ranges are not properly recognized in Properties dialog. The override validation checkboxes were removed as the new validation rules should cover all scenarios. Home: http://www.binisoft.org/wfc.php Download: https://www.oboom.com/ZFGK6VCF http://ul.to/a02vysfr
  10. Rio 2 (2014)

    Sinkronizirano! Nastavak nezaboravnog hita Rio iz 2011. Još luđa, još veselija, još kreštavija nova avantura omiljenih papigica ovog proljeća seli se s asfalta Ria u bespuća Amazone! Zagrijavanje za Brazil može početi! Nekoliko godina nakon što su se plavi makao Blu i njegova odabranica Žuli sreli, zaljubili i zasnovali obitelj, njihovo je gnijezdo bogatije za tri člana. S malenom Biom, Carlom i Tiagom krenut će u pustolovinu života, u srce amazonske prašume gdje će najnestašniji papagaj na svijetu morati upoznati svog punca, ali i suprotstaviti se opasnom Nigelu kojem je plan posjeći što više stabala i zauvijek uništiti stanište ovih rijetkih ptica... ULOGE: Marko Makovičić, Mia Krajcar, Hana Hegedušić, Filip Juričić, Renata Sabljak, Mara Picukarić, Luka Peroš General Format : AVI File size : 697 MiB Duration : 1h 41mn Overall bit rate : 963 Kbps Video Format : MPEG-4 Visual Codec ID : XVID Codec ID/Hint : XviD Duration : 1h 41mn Bit rate : 822 Kbps Width : 720 pixels Height : 304 pixels Display aspect ratio : 2.35:1 Frame rate : 23.976 fps Bit depth : 8 bits Scan type : Progressive Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 595 MiB (85%) Audio Format : MPEG Audio Codec ID : 55 Codec ID/Hint : MP3 Duration : 58mn 13s Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 128 Kbps Channel(s) : 2 channels Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 92.6 MiB (13%) http://www.uploadable.ch/file/HH3pZKWkWTgg/Rio.2.2014.HRSiNK.BRRip.XviD-RAKiJA.avi
  11. VaySoft PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise 5.2 | 1.4 Mb PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise is a software application which can be used in order to transform Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to an EXE format, while also generating registration keys. Uneventful setup and tabbed interface The installation process does not bring any kind of unpleasant surprises and it is over in a jiffy. Once you are done with it, you come face to face with a not-so-appealing, yet intuitive GUI, as it encloses several buttons and boxes, and a few tabs which enable you to quickly access all the options and configurations available. Furthermore, extensive Help contents are provided, thus making sure that all types of users can find their way around it, without encountering difficulties. Generate Auto Run file for VCDs and DVDs This software tool enables you to convert PPT(X) presentations to an EXE file extension, with just a click of the button. In addition to that, you can generate an Auto Run file for VCDs and DVDs, and append other files that the presentation might require, such as videos, audio tracks and other linked files. Other options you can configure It is possible to assign a custom icon (ICO) from the hard drive to the resulting file, as well as add a picture before and after the presentation, in a PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, ICO, EMF or WMF format. Embedded fonts can also be inserted, while expiry conditions and registration keys can be created, with just a few clicks. Bottom line To conclude, PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise is a well-rounded and pretty efficient piece of software, when it comes to converting PPT(X) files to an EXE. The interface is accessible to all users, the response time is good, the resource requirements are minimal and there are plenty of options included, so as to keep you busy for quite a while. Home: http://www.vaysoft.com Download: https://www.oboom.com/W9ZK3TAO/VaySoft.PPTX.to.EXE.Converter.Enterprise.5.25.rar http://ul.to/kykp6wg6/VaySoft.PPTX.to.EXE.Converter.Enterprise.5.25.rar
  12. Quick Macros

    Quick Macros | 5 Mb Quick Macros is a software application which was developed specifically in order to automate repetitive tasks, insert text, and launch programs and so on. This tool integrates a large number of templates, including callbacks, hooks, toolbars and filter functions, a feature which might be especially helpful to novice users. Aside from that, it also comes packed with a few examples, so as to further help you. You can create all sorts of trigger, such as a mouse click, a keyboard combination, a window popping up, the launch of a process or a file being opened. In addition to that, you can configure properties such as running applications only when a specified macro ends and unlocking the computer temporarily (if locked). This software utility enables you to assign an icon by importing it from the HDD or by designing it with the built-in editor, as well as debug, run and compile your project, and create EXE files in a certain macro or directory. You can use a search tool, undo or redo actions, and copy, cut, paste or delete elements. All in all, through the abundance of options enclosed, an intuitive environment, good response time and insignificant usage of CPU and RAM, Quick Macros proves to an efficient and powerful piece of software. Home: http://www.quickmacros.com/index.html Download: https://www.oboom.com/QXI7NEK0/Quick.Macros. http://ul.to/k3i1fqsf/Quick.Macros.
  13. BarTender Enterprise Automation

    BarTender Enterprise Automation v10.0 SR1 B2843 | 242 Mb BarTender is the leading true Windows barcode label software program. This professional label design and bar code software tool has powerful features for compliance labels and integration with enterprise software. It even supports RFID tags. Yet BarTender is so easy, it gets beginners designing in minutes. Seagull Scientific has been a trend-setting innovator of label software and barcode generator software since 1985. We developed the world's first Windows software for industrial label printers, including the very first Windows printer drivers. Today, our industry-leading BarTender design and print software for label, barcode, RFID, and card printing is an essential tool for hundreds of thousands of users in more than 150 countries. True Windows Printer Drivers for Thermal Label Printers You can use Drivers by Seagull with just about any Windows program. But to unlock the full power and performance of hundreds of high speed thermal printers, they are best used with our BarTender label software. Home: http://www.seagullscientific.com/aspx/welcome.aspx Download: http://netload.in/dateiJsp47iFmtD/7F05CD89303985C510CD39294AF27457.rar.htm
  14. Ranking Toolbox

    Ranking Toolbox v7.0.2 | 10 Mb Ranking Toolbox - A program to optimize your website, which includes a unique collection of tools, and the corresponding price and quality. With Ranking Toolbox, you can optimize your websites so that they can easily be found by search engines. Optimize your websites with the help of Ranking Toolbox, so that they can be found by search engines more easily. Features: - Attracting large numbers of visitors to websites without further cost - The precise definition of the positions in the ratings - Create optimized HTML documents - Analysis of search engines to determine the rating criteria - Generation of detailed reports and statistics - Improved positioning of your website by exchanging links - Keyword search using the wizard Program Ranking Toolbox has powerful features: ? Achieve higher rankings in search engines. ? Measure your site's ranking with 100% accuracy. ? Compare the position of your site with the position of competing sites, and figuring out how they achieved the rating. ? Rating history will show you how your rating has been promoted and reflects the effectiveness of your work. ? Generation of optimized instruments html. ? Analysis of the search engines to detect, how they calculate your ranking ? Generation of detailed reports and statistics. ? List tasks to be performed. Tells you what areas of your site have already been optimized, and which need further improvement. ? Master of keywords. Automatic search for keywords that are relevant to the topic of your site - similar to the interpreter of the Word. ? Only the professional version: integration "Linkpartner-Depot". Improving the ranking of your site, by running joint options. Here are some key features of RankingToolbox: ? Achieve top positions at search engines! ? Determine your websites ranking exactly! ? Create optimized HTML documents! ? Analyze search engines, to determine ranking criteria! ? Generate detailed reports and statistics! ? Improve your websites ranking using link partnerships! ? Document your success! ? The ranking history displays the development of your ranking and documents the efficiency of your work. You can also generate diagrams to better document your work! ? Find suitable keywords using the wizard! ? The new Keyword wizard ensures that you do not forget important keywords! Home: http://www.acebit.com Download: http://netload.in/dateiuw2baytP5o/65B3563C0A4F1731D0A0E46334ABDC57.zip.htm
  15. Source Insight

    Source Insight v3.50.0070 | 5 Mb Source Insight is a project-oriented program editor and code browser, with built-in analysis for C#, C/C and Java programs. Source Insight parses your source code and maintains its own database of symbolic information dynamically while you work, and presents useful contextual information to you automatically. Not only is Source Insight a great program editor, but it also can display reference trees, class inheritance diagrams, and call trees. Source Insight features the quickest navigation of source code and source information of any programming editor. Source Insight features quick and innovative access to source code and source information. Unlike many other editor products, Source Insight parses your source code and gives you useful information and analysis right away, while you edit. Here are some key features of "Source Insight": � Always Up-To-Date Information � Call Graphs and Class Tree Diagrams � Context Sensitive Dynamic Type Resolution � Symbol Windows For Each File � Automatic Display of Declarations in the Context Window � Syntax Formatting - Like Syntax Coloring on Steroids � Context-Sensitive Smart Rename � Finds References Quickly � Mixed Language Editing � Keyword Searches Like an Internet Search on Your Code Base � Symbolic Auto-Completion � Quick Access to All Symbols and Files � Project Orientation � Team Programming Support � Hyper Source Links to Link Compiler Errors � Fast Project-Wide Search and Replace � Project Window with Multiple Views � Integrates with External Compilers and Tools � Clip Window for Storing Clipboards and Boiler Plate Code � Two-Stage Line Revision Marks and Selective Line Restoration � Extensible Document Types and Languages � Crash Recovery Offers Full-Time Protection � Persistent Workspaces � Customizable Menus and Keyboard � Windows 2000/XP Support � Special Support for Remote Terminal Server Sessions � Outstanding Windows User Interface � Full Featured Editor � Drag and Drop Editing � Real World Tested � Speedy and Convenient Home: http://www.sourceinsight.com Download: