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[RG] John Deere American Farmer

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John Deere American Farmer






♦ Create and manage your own successful farm with John Deere American Farmer. You'll decide what crops to plant, livestock to raise, employees to hire, equipment to purchase and structures to build. Plagues, weather, market trends, employee skill level and much more will play a role as you make decisions that will determine the ultimate success of your farm.



• Plan, build and manage a successful farm.

• Plant crops, keep livestock and build structures while responding to unexpected events and changing seasons.

• Purchase and control authentic John Deere branded equipment -- tractors, combines, planters, cultivators and more.

• Ten diverse scenarios, each with three levels of difficulty.

• Overcome bug infestations, unpredictable weather and disgruntled employees.

• Use the built-in Map Editor to create your own unique scenarios.



♦ Screenshots ♦






♦ System requirements ♦

► Pentium III 1GHz,

► 256MB RAM, 

► 32MB graphic card (DirectX 9)

► This old game, work on Windows 10.



♦ Download ♦


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