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Movicon.NExT 3.4.263 (x64) 2019

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Movicon.NExT 3.4.263 (x64) 2019
x64 | languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 674 MB

The Progea Automation Platform Next is a unique solution for dispatching technological processes, created on the basis of the .NET technology, with a modular architecture, web integration, with scaling to any size enterprise. Movicon Next SCADA system was developed using .NET technology, which allows using the latest Microsoft tools: 64-bit architecture, VFS (Virtual File System), Azure, WPF / XAML vector graphics. Movicon Next has a completely updated graphical interface based on WPF / XAML vector technology. Movicon Next is equipped with a large number of communication drivers. The communication base is based on OPC UA technology, which provides fast and reliable data exchange with technological devices.
This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis. The Movicon.NExT™ project has been engineered to overcome the restricted use of conventional SCADA/HMI technology. Based on the most modern technological solutions, it creates the foundation for a long-term investment without compromise.

Innovative Platform:
Movicon.NExT is based on the Automation Platform.NexT modular platform and offers an open and modular .NET framework. It has a rich suite of functional modules to ensure open, powerful and expandable projects.

Scalable and Modular:
Movicon.NExT™ has been designed to ensure maximum scalability offering an all-inclusive configuration environment for modular solutions that integrate with the platform in the most simple and flexible way possible. The scalable Movicon.NExT™ architecture is designed to save time and costs offering unlimited ways of deployment. The Movicon.NExT™ technology is based on the "Plug-In" concepts to offer maximum system interoperability to the extent that new functional modules can be integrated in the Progea Framework to allow users to completely customize their .NET solutions as needed.

Fast Engineering:
Movicon.NExT ™ offers a totally integrated, innovative and snazzy development environment that comes with a rich set of intuitive features. The platform is entirely based on modern technology that reduces development time in creating projects in respect to the technology used in pre-existing solutions. This is done by using wizards and templates, unprecedented symbol libraries and toolbox offering top graphical quality and reusability. Functions are modularity concept-driven to allow users to externally create and implement functional plug-in modules that totally integrate with the platform.

Conforms to Standards:
The Movicon.NExT™ software technology is entirely based on standards deriving from openness and reliability. The XAML and WPF technology ensure the most effective and modern graphics standard, the historian technology is based on Ms SQL Server and Azure that support any Relational DB in the most transparent way using the ADO Provider (supports MySQL and Oracle).
The project files are based on the XML standard or the SQL DB standard. The powerful language is based on the standard VB.NET syntax. Communication is OPC UA-based and includes a great selection of integrated communication protocols. Access over the web is HTML5-based. All provided with the best technology standards around.

HTML5 Web Client:
Movicon.NExT™ is a platform that makes the factory access over the web an unprecedented reference point. Creating Web-enabled projects is extremely simple and effective thanks to the Web Server module that uses the HTML5 technology to ensure maximum portability across different platforms and operating systems made possible by the standard, top performance and graphics. APPs are also available for smartphone and table devices for Android, iOS and Windows Universal App.

Performances and Reliability:
Movicon.NExT™ pays particular attention to managing performances. Fast communication and real-time data management, graphics optimization with full use of graphics accelerators and Direct X all ensure technology at its best without sacrificing performances.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10/Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2 Server / Windows 2012 Server

Minimum:CPU: Core i3, 1.0 GHz with support for PAE,
NX e SSE2, RAM: 2 GB, Free disk space: 4 GB, Graphic
Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 with WDDM.
Suggested: CPU: Core i7 - 2.6 GHz or higher, with
support for PAE, NX e SSE2, RAM: 8 GB, Free disk space:
8 GB, Graphic Card: Microsoft DirectX 11 with WDDM
driver or higher

Suggested:CPU: Core i7 - 2.6 GHz or higher, with
support for PAE, NX e SSE2, RAM: 8 GB, Free disk space:
8 GB, Graphic Card: Microsoft DirectX 11 with WDDM
driver or higherWhats New:Movicon.NExT Release Notes:

-Support for TIA Portal version 15.1 projects has been included.
-An alarm can now be viewed using the Tag SourceTimeStamp and not the ServerTimeStamp.
-Omron Ethernet IP: The import of Sysmac Studio structures creates the prototypes.
-Omron Ethernet IP: Added support for data types LWORD, LINT and ULINT.
-Drivers S7TCP : Support of TIA Portal V15.1 projects.
-DataLogger: on change registration implemented.
-Added the ability to login / logout users through scripts.
-Added the ability to move an user in different groups using VB script.

-When starting the ServerIO you could have an unclear error in case of problems of the file "Server.UFUAServer".
-OPCUAClient: Error starting the server.
-Unable to import structures with lowercase keywords from AWL files.
-Possible error opening a screen from the Tile page after it has previously been zoomed.
-DataAnalisysRT: an error was present by zooming on the Y axis.
-Fixed an issue regarding the editing of alarm properties.
-DataLogger: selecting the Enable Data Protection option could cause problems.
-Fixed an issue regarding the use of local variables within a project containing child projects.
-Fixed an issue about renaming local tags when used in scripts.
-AlarmWindow: alarm notification and SourceTime UTC.
-BACnet importer : The "keyname" field of the EDE file record is used to generate the tag name.
-Omron Ethernet IP: Error during import if there is a variable with the data type in lowercase in the file.
-Fixed an issue regarding the connection of INT32 tags to an Indusoft OPC-UA server.
-Omron Ethernet IP: Error starting the I/O Data Server if there is a structure that contains an array.
-Drivers: Element number, only positive values are considered valid in the integer conversion.
-SQL Driver: Data exchange if you use tables with multiple output columns.
-BACnet : The value of the OBJECT_IDENTIFIER property is not read correctly.
-OPCUAClient: If there are no stations enabled, the driver closes the communication channel.
-Omron Ethernet IP: Error during import if there are unmanaged data types.
-S7TCP: Error writing a null string.
-S7TCP: Write error, if several variables in the same task are changed simultaneously and one of the -"Swap Bytes", "Swap Words", "Swap dwords" options is selected.
-S7TIASymbolic: Executing the project with the PLC not accessible, if the file necessary to resolve the mnemonic addresses does not exist, is created empty.
-S7TIASymbolic : Added an option to the station to enable the regeneration of the necessary files using direct import.
-EthernetIP: Multiple commands associated with keys sometimes do not work.
-SQL Driver: When the station communicates correctly, the status/command variable associated with the -station changes continuously between the values 0 and 1.
-KNX/EIB: Error in writing data of type DPT9.
-BACnet: The importer does not insert the INSTANCE NUMBER.
-B&R PVI: The status of the station is not handled correctly if only some tags are in error.
-BrPVI: correction of the reading of the individual elements of the arrays whose initial element does not have index 0.
-OmronFinsEthernet: Better handling of Sequence Number (SID) errors.
-The "Server.UFUAServer" file could remain "dirty" with "Not Shared" members no longer valid.
-The Historian with hysteresis did not record any records when the value passed from NaN to a valid value and vice versa.
-License: the software license is validated even if associated with a different site code.
-Fixed an issue when saving the project where the Ufproject file could be corrupted.
-Some improvements were made in the planning of the Holidays.
-In the Scheduler Viewer the Holidays tab was not always correctly managed.
-DataAnalysisRT: scrolling the curve to the left the curve was not drawn completely.
-In the Scheduler Viewer object the calendar and holiday event list grid also included command buttons and headings.
-In the Scheduler Viewer object from WebClient the horizontal grid bar does not work correctly.
-From WebClient the combobox of the Event Name of a Scheduler Viewer object was too large.
-DataAnalysisRT: navigation of historical data improved.
-DataAnalysisRT: the TimeRange was modified once fetch is selected.
-From WebClient the event selection combo of a Scheduler Viewer object did not open the event selection popup.
-DataAnalysisRT: deactivating the aggregation changed the display period.
-DataAnalysisRT: with historian the curve was drawn only if in the interval there were 2 points.
-DataAnalisysRT, script-based pen management: isVisible information was not always consistent.
-DataAnalisys: scrolling the time interval with the cursor keys of the toolbar the new interval was not accurate.
-From the Web Client some Scheduler Viewer texts were difficult to read.
-ruler Viewer object in runtime some property fields could not be grayed out even if inhibited.
-DataAnalisysRT: the date format of the Nearest Data Point column is not consistent with that of the time scale.
-DataLoggerViewer: by exporting the data the time value of the UTC and Local columns were not correct.
-DataAnalysisRT: problems with the grid in case of play after scroll and zoom operations.
-When starting as a Tile page, Tile may appear to be smaller if a screen is in AutoLoad.
-Script: the "Document_Activated" event of a screen did not always work properly.
-Fixed an issue regarding the use of parameter files in synoptics containing 3D objects.
-The commands associated with some objects or symbols could also be executed with the right mouse click.
-A Smart Slide Switch object at the opening of the screen could display the default background color and not the custom color.
-Texts: problems with refreshing and saving changes on the text editor.
-The Scheduler Viewer object on the Web Client did not allow interaction.
-The commands associated with a grouped symbol did not always work from WebClient.
-From WebClient HTML5 the commands were also executed by right-clicking on an object.
-From WebClient the text font of some objects may not be optimal.
-Fixed some German translations inside the workspace.
-Workspace: Delete the TAB 'XML File' in the selection of the default connections.
-Workspace: Deleted the 'Ms Access' TAB in the selection of the default connections.
-Script - opening a synoptic on Synopro mode, the "close screen" script function generated an error.
-Fixed an issue regarding the update of the cross reference.
-Fixed an issue regarding the use of scripts in a parent-child project.
-Restore the ability to filter the tag list in tabular view inside the data server.
-Error was generated by setting Auto Hide on a script editor window.
-The realtimetrend object did not support the transparent background.
-The alarm window object did not support the transparent background.
-Opening a synoptic still in memory, its shortcut was activated only after a click on the synoptic.
-Restarting a project after stopping it could lead to the error that the server project was already running.

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