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Eskimo Callboy - The Scene - Live in Cologne (2018) [ BDRip 1080p]

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30dfd5c16127538b3ea528f6c20f08d6.jpgEskimo Callboy - The Scene - Live in Cologne (2018) [ BDRip 1080p] Label: Century Media Country: Germany Genre: Metalcore,Electronic Quality: MKV/BDRip 1080p Video: MPEG4 Video / AVC / 1920x1080 / 25fps / 9 124 kb/s Audio: AC3 / 48kHz / 2ch / 192kbps Time: 01:11:16 Full Size: 4,55 Gb After several sold-out shows on her headlining tour in Germany, Japan and Russia as well as a position 6 in the German Top 100 Album Charts for her current studio album "The Scene", ESKIMO CALLBOY put on "The Scene - Live in Cologne" and thus an audiovisual Publication after. In addition to the show itself, the fans can expect more than an hour of bonus material, including all previously released video clips on "The Scene" ("The Scene feat. Fronz", "MC Thunder" and "VIP") as well as Behind The Scenes and Backstage Material. Setlist: 1. The Scene (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:51 2. My Own Summer (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:59 3. We Are The Mess (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:49 4. Shallows (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:01 5. Back In The Bizz (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:32 6. Party At The Horror House (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:53 7. The Devil Within (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:58 8. Muffin Purper-Gurk (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:58 9. Pitch Blease (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:12 10. Rooftop (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:18 11. VIP (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:03:50 12. New Age (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:09 13. Is Anyone Up (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:41 14. Calling (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:03 15. Crystals (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:55 16. Best Day (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:04:50 17. MC Thunder (Live in Cologne 2017) 00:05:12 18. final credits 00:01:08 Sebastian "Sushi" Biesler - vocals Kevin Ratajczak - vocals, programming, keyboards Daniel "Danskimo" Hani? - lead guitar Pascal Schillo - rhythm guitar Daniel Klossek - bass guitar David Friedrich - drums https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrWPKu37H1E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVTxyZNV2IM fgubkvif.gifyga2ehkb.jpga67181a86bda7487cacd84b1e1d5eb6c.png

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