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Advanced Basketball: Offensive Dribbling Moves

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Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz
Language: English | VTT | Size: 281 MB Duration: 43 mins

What you'll learn
learn many different kinds of offensive dribbling moves
improve their offensive basketball skills
need proper basketball attire
obtain a basketball
need a basketball hoop
need a willingness to learn
Do you want to improve your ball handling skills?
Do you want to learn effective dribbling moves?
Do you want to add advanced dribbling moves to your offensive game?
Well, this is the course for you!
Welcome to the Advanced Basketball: Offensive Dribbling Moves Course!
This basketball course is for anyone that wants to become a better offensive player through advanced ball handling moves. The purpose of this course is to teach basketball players advanced offensive dribbling moves that help with beating defenders off the dribble.
Expectations from this course
This course is split into five sections. The first section is all about the basic fundamentals of dribbling that every basketball player needs to know before performing all the dribbling moves. The other sections are all the different types of dribbling moves that I demonstrate for you. The different types of moves are single dribbling moves, combination dribbling moves, shooting off dribble moves, and special dribbling moves. As a result, variety of dribbling moves will shown throughout the entirely of the course.
Why take this course?!
I believe students should take this course if they really want to be a better offensive player through ball handling moves. There are many aspects of a basketball offensive game and adding creative dribbling moves to your game can be very beneficial. The concepts taught in this course will help you better understand the importance of the fundamentals of dribbling. In addition, I will personally demonstrate over 50 dribbling moves that you can look over and practice on your own. This basketball course will definitely make you a better basketball player and improve your offensive game from just a dribbling standpoint.
Who this course is for:
avid basketball players
anyone who wants to improve their offensive skill set
basketball players who want to improve their dribbling skills

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