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3delite Similar Picture Finder

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File size: 44 MB

Similar Picture Finder is a utility for scanning your computer and finding similar pictures from a reference one. Similar Picture Finder will find pictures that are an exact copy of the reference picture but also can compare pictures by content and give a match for pictures that have different resolutions but contain the same or very similar graphics.

Note that no AI is used, for example if a reference picture is an 'apples on a table', the application will not find pictures that contain also 'apples on a table' just, for example, the same scene taken multiple times with a little camera movement or there is some text written on the picture or for example the picture is watermarked.

Find duplicate pictures that are exact copy of each other or have the same content
Adjust picture compare parameters, strict or more relaxed search
Matching pictures are displayed as a thumbnail list
Preview and compare matching pictures and their EXIF information
Delete pictures that are not needed
Very fast multi-threaded loading and processing of the images
User interface DPI scaling is supported
Full unicode support

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.



Download From UploadGig


Download From Rapidgator


Download From Nitroflare


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