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[MULTI] Deep Sky Derelicts [v 1.0.1] (2018) SpaceX

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Deep Sky Derelicts [v 1.0.1] (2018) PC | RePack by SpaceX |Size: 1.02 GB
Released : 26 Sep, 2018
Genre : Strategy , RPG , Action
Developer : Snowhound Games
Publisher : 1C Company
Edition type : Repack
Language : MULTI
Voice pronunciation : - / -
Tablet : GOG

Deep Sky Derelicts will make it possible to feel like an outcast of a society leading a semi-criminal life on the outskirts of the galaxy. Players will have to explore abandoned alien ships, marauding, recruiting mercenaries, buying new weapons and improving equipment. The retro-futuristic comic style gives Deep Sky Derelicts a unique gloomy atmosphere of an anti-utopian society, lost in deep space.

Update v1.0.1
Below you can find the CHANGELOG:

Note: If you encounter crashes when starting the game, please try the launch option -use-sync-load. It makes the initial load a bit slower, but should prevent crashing.

If you have display-related problems, try resetting the game settings as described in the README.txt file (browse local game files in Steam to see the file).

Here are some more launch options that may be of use.
"-window-mode borderless" for fullscreen borderless mode (select fullscreen in game settings)
"-popupwindow" for windowed borderless (disable fullscreen in game settings)

- UI sound overhaul that didn't quite make it into 1.0.
- Added two new room backgrounds for landing tiles.
- A bunch of ability and stat changes. See below for a detailed list.

- Fixed Linux version not working on some locale settings. NOTE: If you have changed your launch options to work around this issue, please make sure that the run_dsd.sh is used to start the game or that your custom starts the game executable with LC_ALL=C.
- Fixed shop not working correctly after reloading the game from the shop screen.
- Fixed issue where the combat result panel could show duplicate characters and give extra loot.
- Fixed combat bug caused by Leader/Ceasefire not getting canceled correctly.
- Fixed Chemist/Symbiosis occasionally causing problems with other Medic and Chemist buffs.
- Fixed Fortify Shields potentially causing problems with dead units.
- Fixed problems with Strengthen Systems, including overload immunity not working correctly.
- Fixed issue with Corrosive Ordnance in some situations.
- Fixed combat issue that could happen when Reflections blocked certain other cards.
- Fixed various issues with Chemist/Power Injection (such as wrong damage values and the buff not expiring) and changed it from Self/Ally to Ally only.
- Fixed rare combat bug with turn order handling.
- Fixed combat bug that could happen when a dead unit tried to update its idle animation.
- Fixed combat bug when the target of Nerve Toxin was killed by a DoT effect before the toxin activated.
- Fixed Quartermaster/Amplifier Creator error when it couldn't draw a card.
- Fixed wrong damage value in Chemist/Positive Side-Effects.
- Cleaned up Bruiser/Battle Rage effect deion.
- Fixed some of the NPCs looking in the wrong direction in dialogue.
- Minor initial loading adjustments. If you encounter crashes at startup, you can try the launch option -use-sync-load, which is slower but should prevent crashing.
- Possible fixes towards a combat crash on some Macs.
- Fixed Heavy Blast Bomb not stating correctly in its deion that it gives -ARMOR.
- Uranium Shell Grenade used by Buddynaut didn't do any damage. Should do its damage now properly.
- Fixed missing icon for Drudger Stinger.
- Polished some idle animations.
- Fixed arena's medical machine tile having weird backgrounds.
- Fixed level ups in arena not happening at the same time as that level's loot drops.
- Fixed minor issue with Disciple AI.
- Fixed issue where the cursor could disappear after Retreat was pressed while targeting a unit.

System Requirements:
Operating system : Windows 7+
Processor : 3 GHz
RAM : 4 GB
Video : DirectX 9
Disk space : 1.34 GB

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