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SEAL's RESOLVE (Fortress Securi - Rebecca Deel [MULTI]

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SEAL's RESOLVE (Fortress Securi - Rebecca Deel
mobi | 426.36 KB | English | Author :Rebecca Deel | B08DRS7RXR | 2020 | Rebecca Deel

Book Description :

Wedding dress designer Kristi Stewart handles bridezillas and sewing machines with equal finesse. But when she's kidnapped, Kristi's only hope for survival lies in the lethal skills of a black ops warrior. After a harrowing escape, the danger continues to escalate until Kristi must confront an opponent with a fatal agenda. Following a brutal mission, Fortress operative Rafe Torres needs solitude in the mountains and time to heal. Instead, he's sent to rescue a woman connected to his painful past. Although Rafe didn't intend to fall for a society princess, Kristi's courage and strength are impossible to resist. When the enemy springs his final trap, Rafe faces a gut-wrenching choice that may cost him everything.

Category : | Inspirational Romance, Clean & Wholesome Romance, Military Romance

Thanks for downloading SEAL's RESOLVE (Fortress Securi - Rebecca Deel :

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