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Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Composites

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Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Composites By J. E. Mark, C. Y-C Lee, and P. A. Bianconi (Eds.)
1995 | 378 Pages | ISBN: 0841231486 | PDF | 34 MB

Content: Some general trends in the area of organic-inorganic composites / J.E. Mark Organic-inorganic hybrids with a crystalline polymer matrix / Jeremy Burdon, Jeffrey Szmania, and Paul Calvert Inorganic-protein interactions in the synthesis of a ferrimagnetic nanocomposite / T. Douglas, J.W.M. Bulte, D.P.E. Dickson, R.B. Frankel, Q.A. Pankhurst, B.M. Moskowitz, and S. Mann Ion-exchange intercalation into the MPS₃ layered compounds / Design of nanocomposites with unusual magnetic, electrical, and nonlinear optical properties / R. Clément Preparation and characterization of nanocomposites of poly(ethylene oxide) with layered solids / John P. Lemmon, Jinghe Wu, and Michael M. Lerner Polymer-clay hybrids / Akane Okada, Arimitsu Usuki, Toshio Kurauchi, and Osami Kamigaito (Perfluorosulfonate ionomer)-(inorganic oxide) nanocomposites : organic modification of surfaces of silicon oxide nanoparticles grown in situ / Q. Deng, K.A. Mauritz, and R.B. Moore Nanostructured organic-inorganic hybrid materials synthesized through simultaneous processes / Bruce M. Novak, Mark W. Ellsworth, and Celine Verrier Multiple size scale structures in silica-siloxane composites studied by small-angle scattering / G. Beaucage, T.A. Ulibarri, E.P. Black, and D.W. Schaefer Composite polymer colloid nucleated by functionalized silica / E. Bourgeat-Lami, P. Espiard, A. Guyot, S. Briat, C. Gauthier, G. Vigier, and J. Perez Vinyl-polymer-modified hybrid materials and photoacid-catalyzed sol-gel reactions / Yen Wei, Wei Wang, Jui-Ming Yeh, Bin Wang, Dachuan Yang, James K. Murray, Jr., Danliang Jin, and Gu Wei Hybrid organic-inorganic interpenetrating networks / A.B. Brennan, T.M. Miller, and R.B. Vinocur A new route to polymer-filled glass : hybrid interpenetrating networks with appreciable toughness / Kenneth G. Sharp Solidification of colloidal crystals of silica / Hari Babu Sunkara, Jagdish M. Jethmalani, and Warren T. Ford Thermo-irreversible gelation and percolation-based mechanical response via metal-olefin coordination in diene polymers / Francis Bossé, Pronab Das, and Laurence A. Belfiore Hybrid organic-inorganic silica materials : chemical evidence for organization in the solid / G. Cerveau, C. Chorro, R. Corriu, C. Lepeytre, J.P. Lère-Porte, J. Moreau, P. Thepot, and M. Wong Chi Man Hybrid organic-inorganic materials : the sol-gel approach / J.D. Mackenzie Sol-gel-derived silica-siloxane composite materials : effect of reaction conditions in polymer-rich systems / E.P. Black, T.A. Ulibarri, G. Beaucage, D.W. Schaefer, Roger A. Assink, D.F. Bergstrom, P.A. Giwa-Agbomeirele, and G.T. Burns Hypervalent spiro polysiliconate and polygermylate ionomers : novel ladder and network materials / James H. Small, Kenneth J. Shea, Douglas A. Loy, and Gregory M. Jamison Hexylene- and phenylene-bridged polysiloxane network materials / Douglas A. Loy, Gregory M. Jamison, Roger A. Assink, Sharon Myers, and Kenneth J. Shea Structural design of high-performance polymers for sol-gel processing / T.D. Dang, J.P. Chen, and F.E. Arnold Preparation and properties of high-clarity polyamide-silica hybrid materials / Z. Ahmad, Shuhong Wang, and J.E. Mark Preparation and mechanical properties of polybenzoxazole-silica hybrid materials / J.P. Chen, Z. Ahmad, Shuhong Wang, J.E. Mark, and F.E. Arnold Morphological studies of conductive polymers deposited onto high-Tc superconductors / Steven G. Haupt, Rung-Kuang Lo, Jianai Zhao, and John T. McDevitt Novel organic-inorganic composite materials for photonics / Paras N. Prasad, Frank V. Bright, Upvan Narang, Run Wang, Richard A. Dunbar, Jeffrey D. Jordan, and Raz Gvishi Inorganic-organic hybrid coatings for metal and glass surfaces / H. Schmidt, R. Kasemann, T. Burkhart, G. Wagner, E. Arpac, and E. Geiter Surface modification of carbon fibers for advanced composite materials / Yuechuan Wang and Roderic P. Quirk.


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